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Our more than 60 years of experience has taught us that stringent safety measures and specialized expertise are non-negotiable when it comes to the petro-chemical industry. From basic coatings to installation of force-cured, high-performance internal linings, our involvement in this sector begins at refining and extends all the way to the end user.

Related Projects
Midwest Chemical Plant

The scope of work consisted of surface preparation and intumescent fireproofing application in a chemical plant.  Our scope also consisted of evaluating every individual piece of steel in the design phase to determine if it met the UL listing requirements and if the thicknesses recommended needed to be increased to meet the hourly rating.  Structural steel was fireproofed to 1 hr per UL design and column skirts were fireproofed to 2 hr ratings.  Original scope was column skirts and options were awarded to complete the structural steel due to another contractor being removed from the project.

Southern Chemical Facility

The scope of work consisted of touch up primer on structural steel and subsequent intumescent fireproofing application and quality verification on all structural steel to meet building codes.  All steel received between 140 and 340 mils to meet a 2 hr rating. There was an extremely tight critical path schedule to get the project completed to meet production deadlines.  Project utilized 2 shifts, 7 days a week with up to 40 men to complete.  Extremely small footprint required containment of the area to eliminate over-spray and to create isolation because of the other crafts within the same area.   

Southern Chemical Facility

Hartman Walsh provides maintenance for this petro-chemical facility. Services include asset preservation on various scopes, including structural steel maintenance coatings, fireproofing, concrete containments, flooring, tank linings and exterior coatings, etc. UHP Services division also provides coating removal for decontamination and maintenance re-coating. 


The work is completed using both TM and lump sum methods. 

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