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Hartman Walsh prides itself in its ability to be a provider to the pharmaceutical industry.  We have a proven track record of meeting the many rigors of this type of work including cleanliness standards, safety challenges, contamination issues, and governmental regulations.  Meeting tight production schedule outages and maintaining the necessary aesthetic requirements are also a product of our work effort.  Whether it be a high tech lab rooms, a research and development facility, or a pharmaceutical production line, Hartman Walsh has the capability and expertise to provide the services required by the industry.

Related Projects
Midwestern Pharmaceutical Company

We perform plant-wide maintenance coating and industrial cleaning projects for Mallinckrodt, maintaining the company's process areas, buildings, tanks, equipment, secondary containments, structural steel, office space and other areas.Techniques used include Ultra High Pressure (UHP) water jetting, water blasting, abrasive blasting, power and hand-tool cleaning, and more. Coating systems include high-performance epoxies, urethanes, vinyl esters, polysiloxanes and many others. We also provide industrial cleaning of process systems at the plant.This relationship has extended for decades and is based upon trust and intergrity.

Midwest Pharmaceutical Facility Flooring

The scope of work was the surface preparation and refinishing of the production floor (approximately 21,000 sf) and the painting of various walls, ceilings, & piping during a 1 week shut down. Extensive concrete repairs and patching to correct existing deficiencies in the floor. The floors were coated with two coats of self leveling epoxy. Time was a challenge on this project so larger crews and additional shifts were utilized to complete the work on schedule.

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