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Blue Grass Army Depot is a Department of Defense chemical agent destruction pilot plant located in east central Kentucky. The depot is primarily involved in industrial and related activities associated with the storage and maintenance of conventional and chemical munitions. The project was ran through Bechtel National, which is the systems contractor for the Blue Grass Army Depot location. There were various projects completed on site. One scope of work consisted of intumescent fireproofing application and quality verification testing in a facility disposing of chemical weapons containing various chemical agents. Every individual piece of steel was evaluated during the design phase to determine if it met the UL263/E-119 listing requirements and if the thickness recommended needed to be increased to meet the hourly rating. Various areas required a range of ratings from 1hr to 4hrs. Another scope of work involved concrete special coatings in a facility disposing of chemical weapons containing Mustard, VX, and Sarin nerve agents. Many of the rooms are six sided concrete containment rooms and others are concrete floors and curbs with prefabricated wall panels. Coatings and HVAC scopes are essential to the successful operation of the facility. The coatings required to be holiday or pinhole free due to the potential hazard of the gases or agents contaminating the concrete. Extremely high quality control and strict safety policies were required throughout all jobs.

Hartman Walsh was the only subcontractor to receive the Bechtel Quality Challenge Coin since the project began in 2003 for "outstanding contributions and commitment."

"Hartman Walsh Painting Company’s outstanding leadership, dedication, and significant contribution as the special coatings and fireproofing contractor on the Blue Grass Chemical Agent-Destruction Pilot Plant."

-Bechtel Parsons Blue Grass

"I've worked with this company for the past two years on a heavy construction project and their commitment to safety is second to none. Under very challenging conditions, their organization, from the top down, always maintained their focus, was very proactive and continuously demonstrated their commitment to the safety and health of their workers. It was clear in working with them that the safety of the workers was more than just a goal or objective to be achieved, rather it was a core value of the company."

-Darren Hendricks, CIH, CSP
Bechtel Parsons

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