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Industry certifications are a proven and extremely reliable indicator of quality and competence. Hartman Walsh is certified as QP1, QP2 and QS 1 by the Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC), a national organization that tests and certifies surface preparation and painting contractors.

SSPC certification demonstrates we have the experience, knowledge and equipment to produce high quality work that meets local, regional and national guidelines for safety, health and environmental compliance.

SSPC Certifications
Equivalent to ISO 9001

QP1 - Application of Coatings to Complex Structures
Evaluates contractors who perform surface preparation and industrial coating application on steel structures in the field and measures competence in:
• Safety
• Quality control
• Technical capability
• Management

QP2 - Removal of Hazardous Coatings
Evaluates the contractor's ability to perform industrial hazardous paint removal in a field operation and measures competence in:
• Management of hazardous paint removal projects
• Technical capabilities related to hazardous paint removal
• Personnel qualifications & training
• Safety & environmental compliance programs

QS 1 - Advanced (ISO 9001 Compliant) Quality Management System
SSPC-QS 1 is the standard procedure in the SSPC PCCP program that requires participating contractors to implement and document more stringent (ISO 9001 Compliant) quality control and record-keeping procedures than those included SSPC-QP1, SSPC-QP3, etc.  However, unlike ISO 9001 certification, QS 1 provides the facility owner with the dual benefit of a coatings-industry specific QMS model for contractors who have the operational capability required by QP 1 plus the ISO 9001 compliant QMS detailed in QS 1.



Many of our field and supervisory staff are certified by NACE, the premier authority worldwide for corrosion control solutions, and lead abatement.Coating inspections are crucial in assuring the highest quality, and Hartman Walsh can provide that with staff varying in all levels of NACE. 

CIP Level 1:

Basic and non-destructive inspections of liquid coatings applied by brush, roller or spray to steel surfaces.

CIP Level 2:

non-destructive inspections of liquid and non-liquid coatings to any substrate in a shop setting or under the supervision of a level 3 inspector when working in a field setting.

CIP Level 3:

recognized as leaders in the Coatings Inspection field.


At Hartman Walsh, safety is the number one priority for all employees and work sites, which is why Hartman site supervisors, foreman, and project managers are OSHA 10-30 hour trained as well as yearly first-aid/CPR certification.

OSHA 10-Hour:

Provides an entry level construction worker's general awareness on recognizing and preventing hazards on a construction site.

OSHA 30-Hour:

Comprehensive safety program designed for anyone involved in the construction industry. Specifically devised for safety directors, foreman, and field supervisors; the program provides complete information on OSHA compliance issues.

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