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For decades, Hartman Walsh has provided high quality coating maintenance on hundreds of our country’s most important waterway infrastructures -- Corp of Engineers, Bureau of Reclamation, private and public, new and old, with project scopes ranging from tainter gates, miter gates and sluice gates, to bulkheads, lock valves and gantry cranes. For added value and convenience, we also provide light mechanical and structural services. Given the hazardous nature of this work, we typically develop site-specific safety programs with a special emphasis on the unique issues of dam safety.

Related Projects
USACE, Harlan Dam Spillway Gate Repairs

Work included weld inspection blasting, full lead abatement, abrasive blasting, and painting of 18 tainter gates, gate machinery, roadway bridge structure, 9 sluiceways, and other various components. Containment requirements were handled by installation of a SSPC type 2A containment which included prefabricated work platforms.  Abrasive blasting conformed to SSPC SP 5 white metal.  The coating system applied was the U.S. Army Corps of Engineer’s 5-E-Z Vinyl and epoxy aluminum systems.

TVA, KY Dam Gates

This project consisted of the removal of an existing vinyl paint system from 25 flood control gates.  Each gate was an assembly of 3 leaves that measured 40 ft wide by 18 ft high each.  The individual leaves were removed from roller slots and placed on a truck for transport.  The gates were then transported to a building off site for blasting and coating.  Once the gates were delivered to the blasting area, they were placed onto pillars and at that point blasted and coated.

TVA, Nickajack Lock & Dam

Contract required the containment, coating removal to SP5, and application of C.O.E. system 5-E-Z vinyl to lower miter gate of lock.  Square footage completed was 35,000 sf.  Construction duration was 10 days.  All work was supported from barges with no land access. All equipment, fuel and material were stored on barge.  Containment consisted of impermeable side tarps stretched over scaffold, a roof structure to shed rain and a false floor to support spent abrasive.

BOR, Parker Dam

Work included mechanical repairs and blast cleaning and painting of Fixed Wheel Penstock Gates. Surface prep was SP10 Near White Metal. Gate structures were lifted into engineered cribbing system and locked into place. Cribbing was designed to handle 100 mph wind or earthquake. Structures to be coated were then stripped of seals, valves and misc. appurtenances.  Containment was then assembled around gate.  Gate then received inspection blast and mechanical repairs. After mechanical repairs, gate received coating system and then reassembled before re-installation.

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