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From the Anheuser-Busch North American Headquarters in St. Louis to Frito Lay, Nestle, Kraft, and Miller Coors, our roots run deep in the food & beverage industry. We respond to the unique demands of the sector by accommodating plant schedules, maintaining impeccable cleanliness and aesthetics, and ensuring that our work never affects the product.

Related Projects
Anheuser Busch Facility Maintenance

Hartman Walsh has been providing Anheuser Busch maintenance services for over 20 years nationwide. The maintenance services provided for Anheuser Busch encompass a wide range of painting and industrial cleaning techniques and skills which include asset preservation, structural steel maintenance coatings, concrete containment, flooring, tank linings, exterior coatings, interior finishes, heat exchange cleaning, sewer cleaning, chemical circulator cleaning, router trucks, vacuum trucks, etc. All services are provided on a regular and emergency basis.

Frito Lay Flooring

Replaced approximately 1,000 sq. ft. of the potato chips production area floor. The project consisted of demolition of the existing floor which included 1 ½ in. quarry tile that was installed over a 1 ½ in. grout bed. After the demolition was completed, the concrete slab had to be cleaned and prepared for a 3 in. bed of mortar. The mortar brought the elevation of the floor back to its original height and was sloped to the corresponding floor drains. The mortar was then cleaned and prepared for the polyurethane-concrete flooring system. The polyurethane-concrete flooring system was BASF – Ucrete HF trowel applied at ¼ in. Also included was saw cutting and caulking control joints along with troweling a 45 in cove base around the walls to eliminate water build-up in the corners which will prevent mold & bacteria growth and extends the life of the floor by preventing corrosion from undercut.

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