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Our experience in the conventional power industry includes coatings for traditional coal-fired and gas-fired peak plants, and asset protection on many FGD/AQCS upgrade projects. Understanding the inherent safety and scheduling demands of this industry, we always make on-site vigilance and efficiency a top priority for our crews.

Related Projects
Midwest Utility Company

Hartman Walsh completed site wide coatings for the environmental controls upgrade at this facility. Lining scopes included interior coal side corrosion coatings on the new PJFF baghouses. Interior compartment walls, piping, doors, expansion joints, etc. Spray dry absorber cone bottoms and head tanks were also lined to prevent corrosion in these areas. Recycle Ash and Slurry tanks were coated utilizing a 125 mil thick spray applied epoxy lining. All field rubber linings work on 16 agitator blade connections were completed as well. Coatings included the entire reagent building structural steel after the steel arrived from the fabricator. 100% of the 7 story building's steel surfaces were sanded and re-coated. Various touch-up coatings were completed throughout the duration of this two year project.

Western Based Utility Company

Hartman Walsh completed a critical path outage on a WFGD scrubber reline project for a western based utility company. The existing lining in the vessels exhibited extensive failure. In an effort to get the plant back online, Hartman Walsh mobilized to the site within hours. Hartman Walsh removed 0.75 to 1.5 in. of rubber linings via Ultra-High Pressure Water Jetting, decontaminated the surfaces to acceptable levels, abrasive blasted the substrate to white metal, and applied a fiberglass mesh reinforced abrasion resistant epoxy coating system at 120-150 mils DFT. Hartman Walsh completed the project ahead of schedule due to a unique application process and our professional craftsmen. The owner was so happy with the quality, product and service provided on the originally contracted vessels, that they added the remaining four vessels and numerous other projects to the scope.

Western Based Power Company

This work was a critical path item for a plant outage. The scope consisted of the removal of a concrete mortar lining and relining the interior of circulating water lines, 229,000 sf total. Specialized dehumidification and dust collection methods were used to complete the work through very wet spring outage and fall outages. One of a kind rigging was also utilized on the interior of the pipe to complete the scope in hard to access areas. In order to complete the project on schedule, multiple crews and shifts were utilized. Total manpower loading was 70 men.

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