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Throughout our history, we've played a major role in maintaining the United States’ transportation infrastructure. Our experience covers a wide range of services from simple overcoat systems to complex negative-air lead abatement projects. Due to the hazardous nature of most transportation sites, our crews maintain stringent attention to safety that many contractors simply cannot match.

Related Projects
Great Rivers Greenway - Trestle Bridge

This contract required a near white metal blast and the installation of a new coating on the Trestle Bridge.  The existing coating was first removed and then a new coating was applied on the fascia beams of the bridge. The entire bridge was over heavy interstate traffic; all sections required coordination with traffic control to get the correct lanes shut down at specific times. In consideration that all work was performed on lifts, traffic control was highly important and 100% tie-off was required at all times. Most of the work was conducted at night with environmental controls that included ambient air monitoring.

City of Chattanooga - Wilcox Tunnel

The surface of the concrete tunnel was abrasive blasted to remove all laitance and expose all voids. Any damaged or deteriorated concrete was repaired with the use of a polymer based repair mortar filling cavities and voids as appropriate. Cracks in the surface and leaky construction joints were repaired with high performance joint and crack waterproofing systems. Weep holes were cored at each expansion joint in effort to relieve the hydrostatic pressure from behind the tunnel walls. Once the surface was repaired, the tunnel liner system was applied. Quality control included four phases of inspection; preparatory inspection, initial inspection, follow-up inspection, and complete inspection to ensure quality throughout the project. Even with the difficulty in repairing of leaks, the project was completed ahead of schedule.

DOT Projects

For Missouri and Illinois Department of Transportation we performed coating work on the Stan Musial Bridge complex in Downtown St Louis and East St Louis. Work consisted of 250,000 sf of new bridge steel and decorative staining of 350,000 sf of concrete retaining walls.  Access to work was achieved adjacent to or over live traffic flows in the down town area utilizing lifts, specialized platforms and swing stages.  

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