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Since 1950, we have been intensely involved in the maintenance of our country’s water and wastewater infrastructure. Our teams are involved in every facet of the industry, from construction of new treatment facilities to rehabilitation of existing components and installation of high-performance linings in clarifiers and tanks. As always, our crews follow rigorous safety procedures to navigate the hazards of this industry without incident.

Related Projects
STL MSD - Meramec River WWTP

At the Lower Meramec River Wastewater Treatment Plant, we provided abrasive blasting and coating application to protect concrete and steel structures. We installed multiple protective coating systems for sewage immersion, buildings, pipe, floors, secondary containments and equipment.

MOAM Softener

This project included the interior and exterior of the clarifier mechanisms and tank that required an SSPC SP10  surface prep. The steel was severe-submersion service inside the tank which included the center column, flocculation well, radial effluent troughs, misc beams, plate supports, & pipes. Coating application could only be applied during certain weather parameters so constant environmental monitor was conducted. 

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