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Our work in the manufacturing industry includes long-standing relationships with world-class companies. Besides contracting us for standard services such as asset surveys, budget development and evaluation of coating systems, our manufacturing clients regularly invite us to actively help them make decisions that affect their ability to compete within their markets.

Related Projects
Midwest Facility - Plant Facilities Cleaning & Coating

For this plant, we cleaned and coated approximately 120,000 sqft of plant production area, hand-cleaning and coating ceilings, walls, floors and equipment.

We performed our work in extremely congested floor spaces and around delicate equipment. Most of the elevated work was done from 60 ft man lifts. For the remaining work, we used cables and other rigging techniques. We erected containment structures to control dust and paint over-spray in adjacent working areas. Electrical lock-out /tag-out procedures were required for approximately 30 overhead cranes scattered throughout the work area.

Southern Manufacturing Facility

Application of special coatings to provide protection for over 62,000 sqft. of concrete and 44,000 sqft of steel platforms. The concrete surfaces were abrasive blast cleaned to CSP3 to provide a roughened surface, remove laitance, and to expose any voids underneath the surface. A trowel applied mat reinforced vinyl ester lining system was applied providing outstanding chemical resistance with quick turn around service. The steel surfaces were abrasive blast cleaned to SP5 providing a dense, sharp, anchor profile. A spray applied flake filled vinyl ester coating was applied providing outstanding chemical resistance with quick turn around and service.

Midwest Manufacturing Plant

This ongoing partnership between Hartman Walsh and this manufacturer encompasses a multitude of plant maintenance coating services. Projects include Ultra High Pressure (UHP) water cleaning, abrasive blasting, plural component coating application, conventional high performance coatings and other services to protect the assets of this large manufacturing facility. Plant assets maintained range from tanks, piping, building structures and other areas vital to plant operations. Many of these projects are completed under compressed schedules, during plant outages.

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