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Our experience with the hydro-power industry spans the full spectrum, from our work restoring the internal systems of the famed Hoover Dam to ancillary projects such as seal removal and installation of custom access systems. Because of our advanced expertise in this sector, no hydro-power project is outside of our capabilities.

Related Projects
BOR Hoover Dam

During this five-year project, we refurbished the interior linings throughout the penstock system at Hoover Dam. Our crew engineered an access system for the four main intake penstocks (400 vertical ft aligned at 50 degrees) as well as several thousand linear feet of horizontal penstocks and the vertical turbine distribution penstocks (200+ vertical feet).

We prepared surfaces using Ultra High Pressure (UHP) water (40,000 p.s.i.) to enhance substrate cleanliness, promote adhesion and minimize the waste generated.

MN Power

The scope of work consisted of abrasive blasting and relining 210,000 lineal ft of a 12 ft diameter flowline, as well as 2,000 lineal ft of a 7 ft diameter penstocks on 45 degree inclines. The work was an extremely tight critical path time for a plant outage during harsh winter conditions. Confined space was extremely sensitive and specialized engineered rigs were used to complete the inclined sections safely and efficiently. 

USACE Blakely Mountain Power Plant

This project consisted of two parts. The first part of work was the de-leading and recoating of the 55 ft diameter x 200 ft high surge tank. Both the internal and external surfaces required the existing lead based paint removed and replaced with a new epoxy or epoxy polyurethane system. The second part of this project was the removal of an existing lead/coal tar coating on the exterior surface of a 700 linear ft. by 30 ft diameter penstock and a low VOC epoxy was re-installed. With the penstock having only one entry/exit access, special procedures were required to conform with current confined space protocols. Safety rescue drills were performed with trained rescue and fire department teams.

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