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The United States Army Corps of Engineers, Big Bend Dam is located on the Missouri River in central South Dakota. It derives it's name from the unique bend in the Missouri River near the dam's location. The dam is 95 feet high and 10,570 feet in length. It is used for flood control and hydro power generation. This project consisted of the rehabilitation of 6 spillway tainter gates (upstream and downstream faces) which included abrasive blasting and  recoating with the 5-E-Z system on the gates, trunnion arms, trunnion anchorage, side seal plates, bottom seal bearing plates, J-bars seal support bracket, 2 each stainless steel bars around side seals, and incidental related work. This subcontract was awarded from JF Brennan after their original contractor was dismissed. Hartman Walsh worked diligently to complete the work without sacrificing quality or safety. Environmental concerns are always present, especially when working close to large bodies of water. A SSPC type 2A Containment was utilized to control blasting and spraying activities with constant environmental monitoring. Challenges that were faced during this project included the weather. During the project, a tornado struck near by that damaged all contractors' equipment on site. Some of Hartman's equipment was lost to the river. Despite this weather adversity, and starting behind after a previous subcontractors dismissal, Hartman Walsh completed the project on schedule and to the owners satisfaction.

"Hartman came into the project at a tough time for us given the issues with our original coatings subcontractor. Prior to the beginning of the season, we dictated our goals of completing painting operations for the project and Hartman worked with us, up to adding a second shift, to complete coating activities. They were pivotal in getting us back to a point where we completed the project within the contract schedule."

Nick Reis, PE Project Manager

JF Brennan

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