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SINCE 1950



Established in 1950, Hartman Walsh Industrial Services is a union contractor that provides nationwide high-quality industrial coatings, industrial linings, ultra high pressure (UHP) industrial cleaning services, and more.

Ranked among the nation's top painting contractors by the Engineering News Record, Hartman Walsh brings experience and value to every project. Our expert team is trained to perform a wide range of services with 7 degreed engineers and more than 10 NACE certified employees on staff.


Hartman Walsh goes above and beyond the industry standard in quality control with a stringent QC management system by being SSPC QS1 certified (ISO 9001 compliant) along with numerous quality awards. In addition to QS1, Hartman Walsh is certified as both a QP1 and QP2 contractor.


Safety is Hartman Walsh's top priority, which is demonstrated by our safety statistics. We utilize a detailed safety manual, key performance indicators, safety procedures and permits to ensure the maximum safety of our work sites. Hartman Walsh is also a member and approved through various third party qualification sites.

Our loyal, long-standing client base is the greatest
testament to our commitment to excellence. See our list of services to see how Hartman Walsh can best serve you.


Whether your project is new construction or ongoing maintenance, you can depend on Hartman Walsh for our expertise, state-of-the-art equipment, environmental consciousness, excellent workmanship, and timely completion. Our technical staff and field experience can be utilized to help develop project scopes, specifications, schedules, safety solutions, QC/QA requirements, and engineered solutions. Hartman Walsh provides a comprehensive range of industrial services that can be used to better protect your assets. If you have further questions on how Hartman Walsh can best serve you, please feel free to contact us.

Hartman Walsh Industrial Services:
  • Lead Abatement/Containment

  • Standard Surface Clean & Prep

  • Industrial Coatings & Linings

  • Plural Component Coatings & Linings

  • Insulation

  • Intumescent Fireproofing

  • Abrasive Blasting

  • Secondary Containment & Floor Systems

  • Paint Removal

  • Corrosion Control

  • Maintenance Systems

  • ANSI Pipe ID and Labeling

  • Steel/Asset Preservation

  • "Green" roof Coatings

UHP Services:
  • General Equipment Cleaning

  • Exchanger Cleaning

  • Vessel & Tank Cleaning & Rinsing

  • Drain/Pipe/Sewer Cleaning

  • Sulfuric Washing

  • Caustic Flake & Chemical Cleaning

  • Sewer & Pipeline Video Inspection

  • Line Mole-ing

  • Steel Cold-Cutting/ Vessel Demolition (Water Jetting)

  • Rubber Removal

  • Vacuum Truck Services

  • Vessel/Line Circulating

  • Concrete Removal

  • Hydro-Excavating

  • Water Blasting 3,000-40,000 PSI

  • Industrial Cleaning


With over 60 years of nationwide experience, Hartman Walsh has set a high standard for high-quality industrial coatings, linings, UHP, and industrial cleaning services. These services are provided for a diverse range of industries throughout the United States and Canada.

Hartman Walsh has helped these industries protect their assets and extend the service life by meeting each owners' unique needs. We take pride in bringing value to every project.

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Our Top Priority

At Hartman Walsh, safety is more than a program – it’s a commitment and a process designed to protect our employees, our customers and the environment.

Our corporate culture supports a “Zero Injury” philosophy, empowering all employees to do what it takes to achieve zero-injury and zero-incident performance.

We make a financial investment and commitment to safety that exceeds industry standards. We employ a full-time safety director with OSHA 500, 501 certification. We test extensively, in both medical and environmental methods, to insure our job sites are safe and managed responsibly. We train all employees, from field and shop staff to management and office staff. We provide continuous job-site safety training and incentive programs, and, as necessitated, perform extensive medical and environmental testing. We apply, measure, and review an extensive list of Key Performance Indicators that proactively guide our safety program. We prefer metrics that proactively measure our performance versus lagging indicators, which are only a function of where we have been. Our Key Performance Indicators drive accountability from top management down through our field employees.

The Hartman Walsh safety program interfaces directly with your program and needs. Our safety representative reports directly to your management team and has the authority to correct any hazard or unsafe practice on the project.

Safe Workplace Principles:

  • Every employee is entitled to a safe and healthy workplace.

  • Zero injuries are possible.

  • Safety is a condition of employment.

  • Every supervisor is responsible for preventing injuries.

  • Employee training is essential for safety and increased awareness.

  • Exposures that may result in injury or illness must be controlled.

  • Safety is as important off the job as on the job.


     EMR                     TRIR

2020 - 0.74          2019 - 0.00

2019 - 0.61          2018 - 0.62

2018 - 0.58          2017 - 0.57

2017 - 0.56          2016 - 0.52

(Mock rescue drills & safe practices pictured above)

Teksolv rescue 1 trianing class 2017
CAP mock rescue (2)








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